The Get Hooked Foundation was created to introduce children and families in at risk communities the joy of the outdoors. Our mission is to provide education and inspiration to youth and families by submerging them into the world of outdoor recreation and sport fishing. 


Mentors of the foundation work closely with children of all ages and from all walks of life to teach and to inspire. Children are taught to utilize, interact and care for the aquatic eco-systems that surround them.

By making these important life long connections we hope to defy cultural stereotypes and encourage ethnic diversity, personal peace, fun, and quality family time through fishing and nature.


About us

The Get Hooked Crew

Dishaun Berry


Otherwise known as Rippin Lips! Usually the first question people ask him is “how did you start fishing?”. The story goes something like this. Dishaun’s family moved to Portland from Inglewood, CA in 1992, shortly after the infamous LA riots. While escaping the violence in CA, Portland greeted the family with hardship and there was still gang influence surrounding youth, even in Portland. The silver lining is that at an impressionable age of 13, Dishaun took to fishing with his best friends and brother. Growing up in Northeast Portland, his first memories of fishing include selling worms to the Alberta neighborhood fisherman, riding his bike with friends to the ponds on nearby golf courses, and buying his first aluminum boat – without a trailer. This meant, in order to go fishing, the boat was tied to the roof of the car. His motto was, and still is today – nothing gets in the way of fishing.


In 2015, Dishaun left Corporate America after 13 years to work with his brothers on the youtube fishing series N.I.G.G.A.S (Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished) on Da River, or N.O.D.R. While still a successful series, Dishaun has since founded Get Hooked Foundation to focus on his true passion: fishing and working with the youth in the community he grew up in. Get Hooked focuses on angler education, community outreach, youth fishing events and mentorship. With Get Hooked, Dishaun is aiming to build a stronger sense of community, through a common interest.


Grateful for the lessons learned during hardships at a young age, Dishaun makes it a priority to be a positive influence and inspiration to the youth of Portland to keep them from experiencing the same hardships he did.  Volunteers, mentors and youth from all walks of life and various cultures are invited to be part of Get Hooked and the positive community based events. If you see Dishaun out fishing, don’t be afraid to give a shout out to Rippin Lips or ask him how he tied to the boat to the roof of the car!

Philip Anderson


The Co-Founder/Owner of The Get Hooked Foundation-Fishing Company LLC. Philip Anderson is an Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Angler Educational Instructor.


Philip has 16 years fishing of experience in the Pacific Northwest and has learned a great deal and has bonded thru fishing from best friend, Dishuan Berry.


Philip has fished in Southern California, Hawaii and in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of southern Florida. Philip likes to spend time with family, traveling, enjoying great food and working out at the gym.

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